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The children all understood what Grandma meant, cheered and put down their luggage and surrounded the old lady. Sure enough, Grandma is the best in the world. Of course, Grandma would be better if she could scold them less. Uncle. When Yan Chu came back from school on Saturday night, what he saw was a group of children sitting at the table. The older children helped the old lady set the bowls and chopsticks to serve the dishes. When they saw him coming back, they all shouted affectionately. Now Mom and Dad have become very strange, in contrast, the uncle who has not been talking to them seems much more lovely and close. They're all back. Yan Chu was not curious that the eldest brother and the second brother would send the child back. In fact, combined with the characters of the two brothers and sisters-in-law, he guessed that it would not be too long for them to take the child back, and that it would be sooner or later. The original mission did not ask him to take good care of Yan Dabao and Yan Erbao, so he did not intend to stop what they might do later. These two couples are adults, they can be responsible for their own actions, of course, he will not add fuel to the fire. He will live his own life, and they will be left to their fate. Chapter 109 the whole world is reborn. For the first time, Yan Chu did not fulfill his promise, he overestimated himself, but also underestimated the children of this age who are extremely eager for knowledge. Looking at the mid-term exam report card, from the beginning to the end of his ranking three times,Investment casting parts, Yan Chu is sure that he is not wrong, thinking of his previous promise and the old lady's promise to be admitted to the top ten, there is a feeling of swollen face. In fact, he was two points short of the tenth place in the class, the distance of a multiple choice question. If he had known this, he should have filled in one or two more math questions. He quickly stared at the report card posted on the classroom bulletin board. In the eyes of Lao Liu, the head teacher who had just entered the classroom, who was an old classmate of Jinzhande,socket screw plug, the child could not believe what he had achieved this time. Look at that face is red, it must be because of happiness, as expected, this child is very different from Dade, he is not a bad child, he just lacks the right education. As a head teacher, Lao Liu knew every student's grades before he came to this school. To tell the truth, when Yan Chu just transferred to another school, he felt that the child might hold the class back, because of his grades before he came to this school. Basically hovering in the passing line, in the previous school rankings have been at the bottom, but it turns out that he is not so hopeless. In this half semester, he witnessed the transformation of Yan Chu, from the beginning of class desertion, Magnetic Drain Plug ,deep draw stamping, but also always want to influence their deskmate bullying the bad students of the girls in front of the table, to now listen carefully, and classmates also maintain good contacts with the appearance of a good child. These changes all come from a heart-to-heart conversation. Lao Liu discovers his cowardice and swashbuckling pride hidden under mischief and indulgence. This is just a child spoiled by his mother. He has no friends in his previous school. Many classmates hate him because of his awkward temper. At home, he was not liked by his two brothers, but his mother, who loved him, would only instill in him that he was the best. Others did not like him just because he had no vision and so on. The vicious circle led him to hate school and reading, and because there was no proper guidance, his personality actually became more negative under the arrogance. Lao Liu was glad that he had noticed this and helped the child untie his heart knot as soon as possible. He was also glad that there were many friendly classmates in his class who were willing to help Yan Chu change with him. This half semester, everyone has seen the progress of Yan Chu, washed away the bad habits, he is a child that everyone likes. As a teacher, to be able to pull a student on the right path, is a proud thing, perhaps because the change of Yan Chu is his personal participation, but also he single-handedly facilitated, now Lao Liu see Yan Chu particularly pleasing to the eye, every time looking at his eyes as if looking at a piece of jade, want to know how he can finally transform into a dazzling appearance.
"You have made great progress. The teachers of all subjects and I have praised you emphatically. From the forty-three students who came into the school at the beginning of school to the eleven now, you have made more than thirty progress in half a semester. The teachers have great expectations for you. You should also be proud of yourself." Lao Liu patted his favorite student on the shoulder and made such great progress in half a semester, which is enough to prove that Yan Chu's essence is smart. Before that, he was only a child delayed by the way of education. As long as he keeps this learning state, he will be able to achieve excellent results and enter his ideal university. But guard against arrogance and rashness, in the class, you have ten opponents, and in the grade, you have more than one hundred opponents, the teacher believes that your talent is more than that. Give praise, naturally also have to give some pressure and motivation, Lao Liu inexplicably believe that the child in front of him, he will never let him down. Yan Chu is like an ordinary child to be praised, look hard to hide the excitement and shyness, eyes reveal eager to try, obviously will listen to the words of Lao Liu, and intend to work hard for it. His expression made Lao Liu very happy. In his years as a teacher, he found another good seedling. Nothing makes a teacher happier than this. Did you say that Yan Chu got the 11th place in the class and the 132nd place in the mid-term exam? Jinzhande's hand holding the phone was a little tight, even though he was very old when he died in his previous life, but this did not mean that his memory was not good. In fact, in his previous years, everything about the elder sister was repeated by him, but the impression was deeper, and the memory of the elder sister was often inseparable from Yan Chu. If he remembered correctly, Yan Chu's grades had never been related to each other, in fact, the last generation of Yan Chu can go to high school,deep draw stamping, all because he helped the relationship between activities, otherwise his grades, junior high school graduates are enough to choke. autoparts-dx.com
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