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"One talks about the way of inaction, the other talks about the way of sentient beings!" Zhou Cheng was silent. He knew that this might be a sentiment written by a disciple of Cheng Jiao. It was passed on to later generations. If it was really a chaotic chapter, no one would dare to pass it on. What's your name "Lin Ling!" Zhou Cheng smiled and said, "Remember, I support your view from a personal point of view." "You believe me," said Lin Ling. "Or what's the use of believing in Taoism? Look at the mountains outside.." Zhou Cheng looked up and saw that the urban and rural buses had not yet completely left the city. Outside the window was Zhenwu Mountain on the edge of the city. A group of people were singing on the stage. The famous Emperor Zhenwu in Taoism, a good southwest palace is occupied by a group of opera singers, Taoism, worrying ah! Even if there is a mythological era, it is far away. Zhou Cheng secretly nodded, although this Lin Ling is a scholar without the strength of a chicken, but the knowledge is really extraordinary. Do you know who Emperor Zhenwu is? Lin Ling said with a wry smile, "The palace of Emperor Zhenwu was built here. Naturally, I checked it specially. It's just that I'm a poor scholar. I have no chance to see the real out-of-print ancient books.". However, I once happened to read from a linear ancient book that said: "Zhenwu Emperor, Pan Wang!"! I think it's him! Everything is no different from what you know. Although this Lin Ling can not be sure, but so said, Zhou Chengyi contrast naturally know is true. King Pan didn't go to heaven to report on his work. Naturally, he knew very little about monasticism. This boy can actually find clues from ancient books. He is really a good scholar. The decline of religion is an indisputable fact! I hope that when China is in trouble, they can come forward to protect China! Zhou Cheng saw that Lin Ling had fallen into an unrealistic fantasy,side impact beams, so he stopped talking. He just thought it was funny that he had come all the way from the mythological road. Those birds and immortals would take care of the lives of mortals? It's much better not to help, but don't expect them to do it. Otherwise, I'm afraid there won't be a hundred-year catastrophe in China! The car soon arrived at the town, the name of the town is very interesting, called Guanyin Town, it is said that several years ago, pioneers found a fallen Guanyin statue in the woods, I do not know who knocked it down,Precision steel tubes, and later the town also had a name. After getting off the bus, Zhou Cheng walked all the way home and walked for a long time. The mountain is not high, but it has a delicate feeling. In this era, it is really rare to keep the mountain so green. The road back home is so long, this is how a road ah, a Zhou Cheng thought will never have the opportunity to set foot on the road. The mountain paths and ridge paths eventually led to Zhou Cheng's home. The house is old, a folk house in southern Sichuan, an adobe house. The earthen walls of the house are full of holes, just like Zhou Cheng's heart. Originally, Zhou Cheng thought that his hometown would never go back. But today, with trembling hands, he pushed open the unclosed door, from which came the cry of a child. Mom Zhou Cheng knelt down with a bang. Chapter 232 immortals also have families with no surplus grain. Mom Zhou Cheng a low cry, the voice is unable to suppress the misery, aluminium coated steel tube ,stainless steel 304 pipes, how many years have not seen, more than billions of years. WWW.DU8DU8.com, easy to remember! Register as a member quickly Enjoy your reading trip! Silent tears Holding the line, he slid all the way down Zhou Cheng's drooping face, splashing a tiny smoke on the mud floor of the house. The house was still the same, and the floor was not even paved with cement. Everything is exactly the same as Zhou Cheng's memory, no, not the same, but this is Zhou Cheng's home. Home hasn't changed, but Zhou Cheng has changed a lot. Wa? Did you come back suddenly? Really, don't call your uncle's cell phone in advance and tell us. Your father went to the street to sell vegetables early this morning. If he had known, he would have asked him to bring some meat back! Zhou Cheng's mother quickly stood up from the stool and picked up the child who had not finished feeding with one hand, but hurried to pull Zhou Cheng with one hand, blaming him: "Cheng Wa'er, why are you crying when you are so old?".
Get up! "Mom, are you all right?" Zhou Cheng knew that they must have had a bad time, but he also wanted to ask, not to know any good news, but to vent the uneasiness in his heart. After all, I am used to being carefree in the mythological era. It can be said that all the people in the world want their own eyes, but, but their own family, not to mention reincarnation, even food, clothing and transportation are all problems. Alas, immortals also have homes, and there is no surplus grain at home! Cheng Wa, you don't have a fever, do you? Talk all kinds of nonsense. Didn't you send your salary back last month? Look, this jacket was bought with your salary. Erwa was also sick several times. If it wasn't the money you sent back, your father and I would have to borrow it! Zhou Ma reached out and touched Zhou Cheng's forehead. Make sure he doesn't have a fever, and then pull him up. Rural women are still very strong, although Zhou Ma is already 46 years old. The second baby in Zhou Ma's mouth is Xiaoshiqi, whose full name is Zhou Shiqi, who has eaten and drunk enough and has fallen asleep. Zhou Cheng also ignored the mud on his knees and wiped the tears on his face with his sleeve. He reached out and hugged his little sister. Mom, can Shiqi speak? Zhou Cheng clearly remembered that the so-called salary of last month was only 600 yuan. The salary of a thousand words should always be enough to feed oneself. But even the six hundred yuan can cope with the emergency at home. As for being able to add a jacket to the younger sister, Zhou Cheng was very satisfied. Although the landlord's family has no surplus grain, the younger sister still can't bear too much hardship. Zhou Ma frowned slightly and said with some uneasiness, "Erwa is more than one year old, and she is not very good at talking.". No one usually teaches her. Make a scene with her. The countryside is no better than the city where you stay, and there is no holiday or rest. Sometimes I was too busy to notice, and Erwa crawled around on the ground to play. Erwa's health is not very good, parents are useless, eating is not as good as other children in cities and towns, nutrition can not keep up with. "That.". Then buy her some. It's not expensive anyway. I will work hard to earn money. Zhou Cheng looked at the sleeping little sister,Cold Drawn Tubes, white skin, although it is also a look to know that the body is not good, but much better than when he was a child. cbiesautomotive.com
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