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Who was begging for a big case before? And now that the case is here, I'm starting to complain to him again. "Isn't it just a civil law? Just recite it. What's there to go to?" He scolded coldly and lightly, and his tone was not good. Solo turned over the schedule for a long time, and it seemed that there was no chance to just ignore it. When he heard this sentence, he burst out laughing. Alas, Professor, how can you make Mr. Song, who teaches civil law, feel? ~ They also draw the key point, you do not even have the key point ... Forget it. We're all gone. What kind of case do we have? Smiling, Solo asked as he pulled out a small green box from his bag and pinned it to the air conditioner. What is this A strange smell spread in the carriage for the next moment, and Tang Shaochen frowned and glanced at it. Oh, for allergic rhinitis. Solo fiddled with the switch of the box to adjust a suitable concentration. "My mother also has this problem, so I went home on Friday to get some, just to bring you this time." Solo answered casually, just as she wasn't the one who said he had a poor constitution and asked him to exercise more. Such a strange brain circuit makes Tang Shaochen unable to react and speechless for a moment. The opposite Solo fiddled with it for a long time, adjusting the temperature and moving the switch, until a very comfortable cool breeze came out of the air conditioner, and she finally nodded with satisfaction. There was a smell of Chinese herbal medicine in the wind, and Tang Shaochen could see that Su Luo actually didn't like it. It was just that he smelled so comfortable that soon the sour and itchy feeling of blocking his nose eased a lot,collapsible pallet bin, and when he noticed it, Solo had already raised his eyebrows and smiled at him. Still with her soft short hair and crisp men's clothes, Solo nestled in the co-driver's seat in her usual and most comfortable clothes, smiling like a handsome boy as always. The police are not allowed to dye her hair, but her hair color is slightly lighter than the average person, golden in the morning sunshine, delicate eyebrows,collapsible bulk containers, very delicate. Su Luo is actually beautiful, but she has always taken this beauty as handsome, smiling like a crescent moon eyebrows and eyes so fine, but the look of the end of the eye is ruffian wanton. Tang Shaochen withdrew his line of sight. They were already on the highway, and the scenery ahead was empty and pleasant. Qi Meiyu is missing. "... That big movie queen Qi Meiyu? Solo was surprised. Well, on the way to filming, she woke up in her hometown of Hezhou and disappeared. Her agent suspects kidnapping. With a cold sentence, Tang Shaochen looked back and looked at Su Luo seriously: "This case can be big or small. For the sake of Qi Meiyu's reputation, I promised her agent not to expose it for the time being." "When we go, we will cooperate with the local police. You should obey my command and don't act rashly." From Linjiang to Hezhou, it takes six hours to drive on the highway alone, and then to the Dong Autonomous Region in the mountains, it is a long journey. On this side, when Master Iceberg and his disciples rushed to the scene of the crime, plastic pallet suppliers ,collapsible pallet box, they knew nothing about what would happen after that; Under the same dark night sky, until the hands of the clock on the wall slipped quietly past midnight, looking up and moving his sore neck, Fang Yaowen finally put down his scalpel and took off his plastic gloves. After the body cleaning work was handed over to the assistant, Fang Yaowen changed his surgical clothes and went to the office to quickly sort out a key report, pushed open the door of the double isolation room, and went to the corridor. At that time, it was completely dark outside the house, and the dark sky was full of stars. Yu Yong and Zhang Hong were still waiting outside the autopsy room. When they saw Fang Yaowen coming out, they got up to meet him. Fang Yaowen's eyes were very red, and he looked a little tired. He handed the report to Yu Yong and rubbed his eyebrows: "I will submit the detailed report before noon tomorrow. You look at this summary first." As a result, Yu Yong quickly swept a few lines of text written by Fang Yaowen. Sure enough, there was something wrong with the fish Fang Yaowen sighed: "After examination, the time of death of the deceased was estimated to be between 4872 hours ago. The cause of death was a heavy blow to the head. The murder weapon was a sharp weapon similar to an axe or sickle." "After the murderer killed the deceased, he dissected the body, dug out the organs in the whole thoracic and abdominal cavity of the body, and finally filled them with this thing." He held up a small bottle sealed in the isolation belt and handed it to Yu Yong.
The bottle was sealed, containing half a bottle of wet and colorful irregular balls. Yu Yong stared at the balls that were completely deformed by the blisters for a moment, and suddenly frowned: "This is ..." Fish food? Fang Yaowen immediately took the bag back. Yes, this is fish food. He opened his mouth lightly, and the words fell around an unknown breeze, which made all three of them shiver slightly, not because of the cold, but because of the thoughts that suddenly connected in their minds, which made people tremble. The killer first killed the victim in cold blood, then eviscerated him and stuffed him with pre-packaged fish food. Then he wrapped the body layer by layer with plastic tape, transported it to the artificial lake of the campus, and threw it into the lake. At first, because of the fish food in the dead man's stomach, which was as heavy as a stone, he sank all the way to the bottom of the lake and could not be found. Then, with the passage of time, the fish food bags in the stomach of the deceased began to soften with water, and some fish food leaked out, and finally floated out of the mouth of the deceased. After smelling the food, the fish at the bottom of the lake swarmed in. Some began to devour the heads and limbs of the dead, while more were attracted by the delicious fish food and eventually found the secret to get into the dead's mouth. Since then, more and more fish have entered and more and more fish food has been consumed. The dead are no longer carrying such a heavy "sinking stone", and the flesh on their bodies has been gnawed full of holes, but the fish who have got into the body of the dead have found that they can't get out. It was a double insurance made by the murderer, who buried a small net cage for fishing in the body of the deceased, making it easy for the fish to get in, but difficult for them to get out. After several twists and turns, the fish food in the stomach of the deceased was almost exhausted, and the fish in the stomach across the net cage even bit all the meat that could be bitten on the chest,plastic bulk containers, abdomen and neck of the deceased, but still could not get out. As the fish struggled and the weight of the body lightened again and again, the deceased finally surfaced this morning and completed his mission.
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